GD212 Copyright Issues
Week 1

(Hot-link items are resources on the Web.)

About this Course: Class Meetings, Text and Library Resources, Web Resources.

Your Instructor is a Facilitator, not a Lawyer.
Weekly Topics, Activities, Student Presentations and Case Study Discussions
Workshop Project

The Warda text
Resources in the LRC
Web Resources, Links, Download Adobe Acrobat for reading any pdf files, gopher files, and ftp files
When a link seems "down," try it at a different time of day.
Don't email a complaint and wait for a reply; try link again later.

Web search and Advanced search skills
"Saving As" a site to diskette

EMAIL Procedures
Email discussion -- register with Onelist (link from course home page)
Homework option--Copy and Paste from Web to Email, then respond to instructor address.

The World of the law: Moot trials; Check the date; Read the commentary; How law is enacted, enforced; changed; How interpretation ‘changes’ the law.

About the Assignments for Week 2
Suggestion: Read Warda text first; then go online.
Requirement: Print out worksheet. Type, or neatly print in ink, the answers to worksheet questions.