GD212 Copyright Issues
Week 6

1. At the beginning of class, each team will turn in its (typed) presentation outline draft for peer and instructor feedback.
2. Bring any general questions about the "Myths" handout. You'll want to clear up any misunderstandings before writing responses on the midterm exam.

Midterm Assessment on Identifying Basic Copyright Issues and on Debunking Myths

Bring list of myths, your preparatory notes, and other course materials to class. You will use them to compose responses to myths presented as the Midterm Assessment.

About Copyright Field Presentations

As a term project, each student will prepare a presentation on Copyright Basics for an AILA class. Bookings are made through the copyright instructor and the host instructor (also known as "the client"), but the copyright student is thereafter responsible directly to the client with regard to exact booking time, any custom presentation content, and other arrangements. The host instructor will evaluate the student presentation for content, clarity, interest (which includes visual stimuli), and attention to specific needs of the particular AILA audience (e.g., animators, multimedia and video producers, graphic designers, etc.). (See your copy of the assessment form.)
In addition, team members will assess each other's preparation and presentation performance.

Copyright Myths

Refer to the list of myths.
Do the myths bring out issues that you'd like to address in your field presentation to AILA students? Which ones? How will you present them?

Head Start on Trademark Reports

On our seventh class meeting, you'll be called on to summarize the important information in one of the following trademark websites.
(It will also help each of you answer simple Trademark questions in your presentation.)
If your last name begins with A-G, summarize the material in Trademarks & Business Goodwill.
If your last name begins with H-P, summarize the material in Basic Facts about Registering A Trademark.
If your last name begins with Q-Z, summarize the material in Trademark Qs and As and in Your Trademark: Do's and Don'ts.