GD212 Copyright Issues
Week 7

Presentation Preparation

1. Turn in Revised Outline of Copyright Presentations
2. Present an excerpt from your presentation:
Your excerpt will be:

Trademark Reports

You'll be called on to summarize the important information in one of the following trademark websites. (It will also help each of you answer simple Trademark questions in your presentation to AILA classes.)

If your last name begins with A-G, summarize the material in Trademarks & Business Goodwill. Then answer some questions.

If your last name begins with H-P, summarize the material in Basic Facts about Registering A Trademark. Then answer some questions.

If your last name begins with Q-Z, summarize the material in Trademark Qs and As and in Your Trademark: Do's and Don'ts. Be especially ready to summarize the Do's and Don'ts.

If you've been asked to be on a fourth team, study Types of Trademarks on the Nolo Press site. Be ready to summarize answers to the article's question headings.

Trademarks and Service Marks

Read What Website Builders Need to Know about Trademark Law
What do Trademarks have to do with Internet domain names?

Should you request the domain name "CO-COLA.COM" for your Nostalgic South site?


How about "KLEENX.ORG" for your campaign to rid the Web of porn?


Legal Eagle Assignment

Read Tires Galore Moot Case for these issues: Geographic Area, Effect on Consumer, and Business Goodwill.
What does each mean in terms of trademark disputes?

Geographic Area =

Effect on Consumer =

Business Goodwill =

Business Start-up Assignment

Think of a name you'd like for your graphic arts business.
Go to the US Patent & Trademark website's US Trademark Database to see if it (or your own last name) is already listed.
If the name appears in a results summary, click on the results to see if any are likely to confuse their customers or your potential customers.
Were there any designers or artists with your company name?