From The Cat Who Couldn't Do Anything Right

The family sat down to eat.

"Whereís the cat?" asked Mom.

Dad looked surprised. "Isnít she outside?"

"The radio said to bring small animals inside," Mom answered.

"Itís too cold tonight for a cat, Dad," said Alice.

"Can Zinka sleep with me?" asked Chris. He was afraid Alice might ask first.

Alice had found the warmest room for the cat. "Zinka likes it by the dryer," she said.

"The towels!" Dad hurried out of the room.

At the top of a full laundry basket, Zinka was cleaning herself. Some of her yellow fur floated off and clung to the bright green bath towels. Zinka stopped to look up. The man had his hands over his face, and a pitiful moan came out of him.

Maybe this is where he sits, and she jumped down. Zinka rubbed her cheeks against the legs of his black wool trousers. That made him smell more friendly. You can stay, she purred.

To her surprise, Zinka was picked up and carried out of the room.

Wait! That was a perfectly warm spot. Canít we share?

She was left alone on a hard, cold floor. She smoothed her fur and scowled at her new surroundings.

Where is everybody?